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Welcome to our Martial Arts Directory. Where your school and dojo shares styles, events, and philosophies. Our website is dedicated to martial arts in the USA and International world wide

If you have karate dojo or martial arts school why not get our directory listings and web pages to list your events, videos articles and so on. Dojos.com features the sale of many martial art gifts fro the school or you sensei.

If you currently have a website or directory listing for your martial arts school why not consider creating an additional martial arts listing on dojos.com.  If you have none we can be your home page for your martial arts school or dojo, here at www.dojos.com
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Dojos.com is a encyclopedia of Martial Arts. On our site we provide information about martial arts styles and martial artists from USA dojos, to international dojos around the world and articles about martial arts topics and martial artists. At dojos.com its easy to get more than just a martial arts school listing. Your martial arts school, dojo, organization, seminar, tournament, photos, articles and other events can be listed. Visitors can browse for martial arts schools, organizations, martial artist by name and local events. To get web pages on dojos.com, just call or email us.  We list all forms of karate dojos, martial arts schools directory, events and listings. We will also host web pages for aikido, tae kwon do, aikido and judo clubs. All styles of Chinese Japanese Korean are welcome. We also sell Katana's.

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